Hillary Haters

It’s official, all the Hillary Haters were duped. By Russia. Because it fit their narrative. What they wanted to believe. They are no longer bound by reason. Sold a line of goods they would gladly buy again. These are our neighbors. True Believers.

They are the perfect, imperfect protagonist. They are the Operative in Serenity. Believers until too late, until countless lives are sacrificed, until they push the heroes to do fantastic and superhuman things.

They accept no reasoning. They believe no facts. They have been largely ignored because of that. Then they all got together. And voted. Fucking A. How does this end? Does the life need sacrificing? Isn’t education enough? I don’t know. ┬áTheir misbelief has held them securely. How long will it hold them? If and when they come to the truth, who will have paid the price?

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