Hillary Haters

It’s official, all the Hillary Haters were duped. By Russia. Because it fit their narrative. What they wanted to believe. They are no longer bound by reason. Sold a line of goods they would gladly buy again. These are our neighbors. True Believers.

They are the perfect, imperfect protagonist. They are the Operative in Serenity. Believers until too late, until countless lives are sacrificed, until they push the heroes to do fantastic and superhuman things.

They accept no reasoning. They believe no facts. They have been largely ignored because of that. Then they all got together. And voted. Fucking A. How does this end? Does the life need sacrificing? Isn’t education enough? I don’t know.  Their misbelief has held them securely. How long will it hold them? If and when they come to the truth, who will have paid the price?

January 1, 2017

Tada! New Year’s Resolution Time!

And this blog is one. I don’t really care if no one reads it, but I need to get used to putting myself out there. Part of it is trusting my thoughts. I make no promises they will be consistent, congruent or congenial. So, here it is the first.

I am so happy that there are some who see a silver lining in the political and social events that were in 2016. I don’t think I do…

I keep looking to Darwin. Is this social evolution? Is there a rule of evolution? Is it unique in all instances, you can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need? Which is something echoed in the Trump camp for some time. I wonder if he sees something we don’t, the underbelly that we want to ignore until it goes away. The basest part of us that we work to overcome and conquer.

Has our society just become sick of it, the trying to be better? What about those who are more religious? Are they caught up in the rules so they miss the point? Will we devolve into the primitives that we have come from? What if, just what if, we get to choose, and those that won’t choose to move forward in our social evolution are bringing us down collectively? We still have our individuality and some solidarity with those that think what we do.  Does it become a battle as it seems to have developed into or can we just meditate our way through it like a Buddha? What happens when the ascendant do actually become the majority and steer the social fabric? What happens to those we leave behind?

It’s not that hard for me to understand people who want for themselves at the expense of others. “Take care of mine” mentality is surely Darwinian…it reminds me of the zombie apocalypse  in World War Z or any other zombie movie… Too many people on the planet, gotta save your own ass or lose it trying to care for others. But if we are to survive and thrive on the planet realistically, don’t we have to take care of everyone and the earth, too?  I wish I trusted humans of our planet to follow this logic, but I really don’t. They certainly would be happier if they were convinced that it is true, but is it possible? I can’t image it logistically, what it would look like. Is it less than humble that I believe I am right? Do I care?

Engage? Live it? Be a leader. And do it for your children and the other children on the planet. Find hope and hold it.

Cameron, standing with standing rock. Hope and inspiration for a new generation