Seven Days of Zero – A terribleminds Challenge

The first day was fuzzy, like you couldn’t wake up. You stretched, but your eyes were still heavy, and your stretch just made you more comfortable in your sleep.

The second day, you burst forth, in a panic! Your eyes ripped open, hurtling the sleep away, and you were alert and anticipating the next.

The third day was a bevy of activity, moving the rocks from this pile to the next. You did this with gusto.

The fourth day, you looked around as you moved the rocks. You moved more slowly. You noticed flowers, bees, the sweet smell of grass on the wind.

The fifth day, you stopped carrying rocks, you just wondered at everything around you. You noticed the color yellow. You noticed the softness of wind on your skin. You noticed the crunch of twigs under your feet  and the lace pattern of the sun though the leaves as you walked under a canopy of trees. You noticed the birds singing high-pitched and repetitive and you wanted to talk back to them.

On the sixth day, lightning struck you over and over until you picked up a rock. And moved it.

On the seventh day, you stayed in bed.

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